Catherine Shine

Transformation Coach & Yoga Teacher

What is a coach (my take on it)?

A coach is like a mirror, but insead of mirroring back your inner judge, procrastinator and perfectionist, to name but a few saboteurs, a coach will mirror back your potential, your ideas, your intelligence.

A coach is in your corner, always! That’s our job as coaches, to support you in realising your goals, relationships, career, travel, work goals, weight, diet, happiness, self-actualisation…..all goals. Goals are just another way of making happy plans that you’d love to stick to but just need that support to do it.

A coach won’t try to counsel you, heal you or make you into something you’re not! A coach will listen so attentively that you’ll be shocked at what comes out of your own mouth. Simple words will means so much more, be more impactful, more revealing.

Every aspect in life can come within the spectrum of coaching and every aspect of life can be enhanced by having someone on your side.

Go forth and be frickin awesome.

We are complex humans trying to make the most out of this Life. Contact me for:

  • Relationship coaching (hello love)
  • Self-actualisation coaching (hello higher self)
  • Positive intelligence coaching (hello emotional intelligence and clarity)
  • Relationship breakup coaching (hello beating broken heart)