How would it feel to explore your potential?
The truth of who you are.
Explore your dreams?

To identify and release the inner voice that stops you from getting what you want, a fulfilling Life.

What stops you from creating your life, your business, your passion.
What life scripts hold you back from your true potential.
Open up to the emerging self.
Find meaning to your ife.
Discover and create a clear path to your future.

Feel open and expansive, not stuck and afraid, to step into that future.
Walk in your footprints.
Don’t be a shadow.

Together we will work to realise those dreams.


“Catherine has all the qualities you would seek in a life coach – she has a way of identifying the significance in seemingly casual words and phrases. Over the course the sessions I was able to find the path I was seeking. She is widely read and recommended some books that really helped me to gain perspective.”

SJ, London

“Thank you so much for the amazing experience which was very inspiring from beginning to end. The most important quality for me is your unbiased approach – I felt a weight lifted from my soul. I realised I have lots of qualities which were hidden deeply”

SG, Kildare

“Catherine listens carefully, clarifies the goals, keeps you focused on the desired outcomes.  She has a practical curiosity on previous life events which was really beneficial from a learning perspective.

CF, Dublin