Hatha Yoga is the teaching of physical postures (asanas). Vinyasa is the sequencing of postures (asanas) in a fluid dynamic way, Flow.

Suitable for beginners and progressive yoga practitioners.

Hatha Vinyasa yoga is a strong practice marrying the flow of movement with the flow of breath facilitating a deeper more integrated connection between the mind and body building strength and flexibility.

The conscious flow of breath helps boost energy and health.


Yin Yoga is a floor based therapeutic yoga suitable for every body.

It is a practice of stillness, long holds and rebounds which allows the student time to turn inward. Tuning into the physical sensations in the body through stillness is meditative.

It is the practice of targeting the deeper connective tissues of the body, the fascia, ligaments and tendons.

It is a practice of surrender into the present moment, surrendering  into the poses for longer periods of time, of staying with the body, with the soma.

It is the practice of igniting the meridian lines through accupressure, bringing new life to the energetic lines in the body, the chi, your life-force. (Qi in traditional Chinese Medicine.


Fusion Yoga blends the dynamic yang practice of hatha vinyasa with the deeply relaxing practice of Yin

The class is an active integration of light and dark, masculine and feminine, the inhale and the exhale.

This practice begins with a centering to calm the mind, bringing a sense of presence to the physical body.

What follows is a mindful vinyasa flow, deepening into the breath, bringing presense to the sensations while moving in a flow.

The practice will then blend seamlessly into a deeply restful, chilled out, Yin practice bringing in the more meditative aspect of presence and stillness.

Mind, Body, Spirit.